Unafraid Day Seventeen

Why Faith?

Many times I have asked the question: why is it our FAITH that God desires? Why is it FAITH, of all things, that determines a person’s eternity? Why not good deeds, or obedience, or selflessness, or LOVE for goodness sake? Why is it that God spends the length of our entire existence refining this faith? It will help us put this question into perspective if we consider that the end of ALL things is God’s glory.

God called Noah to a faith that required him to spend day after day, year after year, building an ark. Do you think Noah ever paused from this endeavor to ask “what if… what if I waste my whole life building this ark for a flood that may never come?” God called Abraham to leave EVERYTHING and wander onto a journey to a land that he had no idea about… A journey of undetermined length, where he may encounter unthinkable, unforeseen dangers and troubles. God later asked of him the sacrifice of his precious, long-awaited for, miracle child… by whom he was supposed to become the father of many nations. Can you imagine being asked something of the sort? Didn’t God know all that was on the line here? Maybe, just maybe… Our all-knowing, always-loving Father knew just what was best for them and what would bring HIM the most glory. God wanted His beloved children to become closely acquainted with His heart through it all. What is God’s intention in leaving our futures unknown; circumstances uncertain? Not one knows what joys and hardships their lives will entail. Maybe He knows uncertain circumstances and unknown futures are just what it takes for us to place our faith in HIM ALONE.

To give up all “treasures” here on earth and pursue the mission God called them to, which made absolutely no sense to their reason, required much. It required their LIVES; their time, resources, belongings, relationships. It required them to acknowledge their weakness, choose obedience, put to death the fear of man, wait patiently through decades of silence and cling to hope in God alone. May we all lay down our treasures here, for the eternal treasure awaiting. If faith is what will draw us near to the heart of our Maker, will we choose the way of faith today?

Jessica Kitzmiller

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