Unafraid Day Nine

“And all these, though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had provided something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect.” Heb 11:39,40 This verse is speaking of the Old Testament believers discussed in “Faith’s Hall of Fame” who looked for the promise of the Messiah but never saw it happen during their lifetime. We on the other hand can look back to the Promised One and see God’s whole “perfect” plan that included reaching the Gentiles, like you and me. During our 46 years of marriage and numerous corporate moves, Karen and I have been a part of about a dozen churches. Most of these have had a capital campaign underway when we arrived or soon thereafter. We wondered at first why this often seemed to be the case, but soon realized this was necessary to fulfill God’s plan! As we look back on the few churches we attended that did not have a capital campaign, the majority of them don’t exist any longer. Many of the campaigns didn’t finish before we moved away. So, we often didn’t see the campaign’s goal achieved while we were a part of that church. It was sort of like the Old testament believers mentioned in the verses above- we did not receive what was promised! If you look through the Bible, this is the way God chooses to expand His Kingdom. He has chosen to use His people to reach others and He uses His people to give back part of their resources for His purposes. Even the Israelites that came out of Egypt gave of their gold and silver when the Lord had them build the Tabernacle. We are a part of this continuing plan of God- through this generation’s believers, God prepares the way for the next generation to come to faith in Jesus Christ. God’s plan won’t be perfected until Jesus comes again, but Karen and I realize we are part of the overall plan during our time on this side of glory.

John Little

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